Wednesday, July 12, 2006

THE BAD: M.C. Hammer - Look Look Look

At one time, M.C. Hammer was the shit. A little song called "U Can't Touch This" was on its way to becoming the biggest rap hit of all time...and setting the standard for hip-hop songs to come. Then, oh yeah, it came out that the music was stolen (or as the kids today say...sampled). The respect of his musicianship quickly faded. He had gone from musical genius to one-step above Milli-Vanilli fraud. And Hammer never recovered. It's sad because the guy had talent. He wasn't the best we'd had seen but he had charisma and he didn't deserve to have his fortune swindled away. Sadly, that's not all that gone from Hammer's life. Somewhere along the way, his talent took a hiatus. That's the only way I can understand his new CD. Is it crunk or is it junk? If anything, it should have never been let out of the studio. Bring back the least, that was working.

Look Look Look

  1. I Got It From The Town – Holy shit, this is awful.
  2. Hyphy, Dumb, Buck, Krump – Hey Hammer, please don’t hurt us…
  3. YAY – Lil Jon just called…he wants his sound back.
  4. HammerTime – Actually, it’s “Hit The Stop Button” time.
  5. Doing Da Thizz – I have 13 songs left of this crap? Since Hammer is Preacher maybe I can pray to him to stop this NOW!!!
  6. Look Look Look – Well, as long as when I’m looking I don’t have to listen.
  7. Mash For It – Who are you? And what have you done with Hammer? Hammer was never this terrible.
  8. WestCoast Cha – He brought in a girl to harmonize in the background…therefore it’s west coast…he had to do it since Oakland disowned him.
  9. Memories – If LL Cool J had no talent, he might sound like this.
  10. I Can’t Stand It – …what eventually will be a memory…now he’s trying to rap like the guy from Linkin Park.
  11. What Happened To Our Hood? – Maybe they listened to this song…then rioted in pain.
  12. HardTimes – This is like watching someone come in last place in the Special Olympics.
  13. I Won’t Give Up On My Life – Well, I’ve already given up on this album.
  14. What I Got – No, it’s not a cover of the Sublime song. Bradley, you can sleep easy.
  15. Get 2 NO U – The spelling of the song says it all.
  16. Who Loves Me? – Not me.
  17. Get Away – You should “get away” since the Ying Yang Twins will be coming to beat the crap out of you for this crap.
  18. Thankful – Not even Jesus would listen to this one.
How it compares...

1. Let's Get It Started - B
2. Please Don't Hurt Em Hammer - B
3. Too Legit To Quit - C+
4. Funky Headhunter - C-
5. Family Affair - D+
6. Inside Out - D
7. Look Look Look - F

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