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THE ELEVEN: Most Anticipated CD Releases of 2006

We're a little over halfway through the year. We're not at the point yet of figuring out the best of the year yet but by September, the lists will start coming. So instead of looking back at the fast-paced start and mediocre summer, let's take a look at what is to come. With 4 good months of CD releases upon us, which are the albums that will spark the most excitement?

  1. The Killers – Sam’s Town (Oct. 3) - The new song is everywhere and sadly, it's not that great. But that doesn't mean the rest of the album will follow suit. Or we hope. I would hate to see our favorite mormon rockers become a one-album wonder. Regardless, this is the record alternative rock radio is creaming their shorts for already... (Potential Goodness - 50%)
  2. Outkast – Idlewild (Aug. 22) - Another bad with a mediocre first single. But the Outkasters never seem to follow the rules. So if their history is any indication, there's a good chance the rest of the album is full of mystery and intrigue. (Potential Goodness - 75%)
  3. Bob Dylan – Modern Times (Aug. 29) - Any album Dylan releases is an event. Especially when it's composed of all new material. This will be headlining every critics review page by late summer. (Potential Goodness - 85%)
  4. Pharrell – In My Mind (July 25) - The hottest celeb hip-hop producer delves into his first solo hip-hop record. (NERD was probably more of a rock band) Delay after delay doesn't bode well but let's hope that was for fine-tuning purposes. (Potential Goodness - 65%)
  5. Mastodon – Blood Mountain (Sept. 12) - The hardest hard rockers in the underground metal scene deliver their first major label debut. Are they the next Metallica? We'll find out soon enough. (Potential Goodness - 70%)
  6. Beck – TBA (Nov. 06) - Only 18 months after Guero, Beck returns. It's Beck. What else can you say? (Potential Goodness - 80%)
  7. Modest Mouse – TBA (Nov. 06) - The alternative darlings of 2004 try to avoid being a piece of music trivia with their follow-up to their major label break-out debut. If Isaac Brock's animosity to the mainstream is any indication, expect the unexpected. (Potential Goodness - 85%)
  8. Young Jeezy – Thug Motivation 102 (Oct. 24) - Why is he the best rapper since Jay-Z? Who knows but the world loves YJ. (Potential Goodness - 40%)
  9. BT – The Binary Universe (Sept. 12) - A concept electronic album that has a companion DVD mini-film. The pre-word is amazing. But how practical will it really be? (Potential Goodness - 35%)
  10. Cursive – Happy Hollow (Aug. 22) - An indie rock concept album from Omaha, Nebraska from a band that is not Bright Eyes. The emo kids are sure to gobble this one up and there's breakthrough critical potential in the making. But then again, what was the last great indie rock "concept" album? Yeah, exactly. (Potential Goodness - 65%)
  11. The Mars Volta – Amputechure (Aug. 22) - The prog-punkers have already created buzz that this is their best album to date. Not very weird and more mainstream. Too good to be true? We'll see. (Potential Goodness - 70%)

Bonus numbers...

  1. Guns N Roses – Chinese Democracy (Nov. 06) - This would be number one if I knew for sure it would actually come out. Axl swears the album will come out in the fall. But according to Geffen, Axl is asking for more time to tweak some of the tour songs and re-lay guitar tracks with new guitarist, Bumblefoot. Odds of it actually being a 2006 release are about 12-1.

And, last but least...

TV On the Radio – Return To Cookie Mountain (Sept. 5) - Technically this album should be on the top 11 but it's already been released in Europe. If you haven't heard it, then go seek it out. You'll be happy.

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