Friday, May 30, 2008

THE UNKNOWN: Weezer - Weezer (Purple Album)

Tonight saw the last episode of LOST for the season. If you Tivo'd the show and for some reason haven't watched it, you have problems. And let me tell, reading this blog instead of watching the show is not a good excuse. I run this blog and I watched the show before sitting down. Heck, I think John McCain took time off from campaigning to watch the show (he has to watch something now that the Hills is on hiatus until the end of the summer). I don't want to talk about the big secret that was revealed at the end of this season, which was the big secret from the end of last season that they didn't reveal (don't ask). I don't want to talk about the terrible fake beard that they keep making Jack wear. Where did they get that thing? Did someone shave Tony Shaloub's head? I don't want to talk about how Sawyer mysteriously lost his shirt swimming to the island. Or that the Lawnmower Man has been reduced to flying helicopters (Poor Lawnmower Man). What I want to talk about is the Lost know, all the other people on the plane who get randomly killed off when they need a death. Like the red shirts in Star Trek. When Kirk, Mccoy, and Officer Buckley were going to an alien planet, it was pretty obvious who was getting whacked. Lost has their own red shirts, which happens to be the other survivors of the plane who have never been introduced. So here's the many of these no names are left? There were 70 survivors from both sections. Most of the 22 in the back were killed, leaving 52 total. we know of 28, leaving 24 expendable characters. Tonight saw roughly 12 more killed. And a lot have been killed in previous seriously...who the hell is now left on the island?

Weezer - Weezer (Purple Album)

1. My Evaline
2. Mykel & Carli
3. Susanne
4. Jamie
5. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
6. Devotion
7. Waiting On You
8. I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams
9. Velouria (Pixies)
10. Christmas Song

Buy Weezer's new album...The Red Album...out Tuesday. I will post the second b-side album (Orange Album)...if and only if the Red Album goes to number one.


iamnothing45 said...

thanks for all the weezer rarities and for a great blog in general. You have one of the truly great music blogs out there. thanks for all the hard work!!

thefourohfive said...

Hey, great blog guys!


Chris said...

i've already pre-ordered the red album through some website that was doing that pre-order and get the bonus 7" AND pre ordered on itunes to get the 6 bonus tracks. SHIT man... i bought the album twice?!?! but in the end its cheaper then tracking down all those extras. i think?

Chris said...

also, for anyone i uploaded the rentals "for the ladies" for anyone who enjoys matt's side project.

Ferry in the Desert said...

Does anyone know where I can get this ultimately rare Weezer song, Last Call? Lyrics are like, "stay up all night long, and sleep the whole day through..."
Looooove the blog!

Duncan Wick said...

the links are down :(