Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The 11 Best Radiohead Songs

Today's topic...what is stealing?

A Sony exec recently claimed that if you buy a CD in a store, then upload it to your computer to use in your ipod...then that is considered "stealing." Sony's feeling is that anytime you make a copy in any way, shape, or form...whether it's for a friend or just for yourself...then that is stealing and should be punishable by law. Forget about how you regulate something like this. Forget about the 100s of millions of people who have done this and would be guilty (remember their failed "mixed tape" lawsuit?). What is truly amazing is how the record industry continues to shoot themselves in the foot. Suing your customers is not a way to win them back! I buy a lot of CDs...a lot. My wife is ready to divorce me over the amount of money I spend. I have no problem paying for music for a fair price. But there comes a certain point where the record industry needs to wake up and realize that the industry has changed. Downloading is here to stay...the only way it will go away is when someone invents something new. The only way to survive is to adapt or become extinct.

Sony's statement was made on the same day that Radiohead released their new album in a radical new way. It's available only on their website for download...and the price? That's up to you. You can pay $10 can pay $1 can pay nothing. The consumer makes the price. Radical, huh?

Now, I will say...I do believe it is wrong to download albums from bands illegally. Downloading a track to see if you like the music should be the exception. If you like it, support the band. Go buy the album (or a t-shirt)...they deserve it.

If you want part two of the Radiohead B-sides...then go buy the new

Here are the 11 Best Radiohead Songs:

1. The Bends (The Bends)
2. Paranoid Android (OK Computer)
3. No Surprises(OK Computer)
4. Karma Police (OK Computer)
5. Idioteque (Kid A)
6. My Iron Lung (The Bends) (OK Computer)
7. Like Spinning Plates (amnesiac)
8. A Punch-Up At A Wedding (Hail To The Thief)
9. Exit Music (OK Computer)
10. Fake Plastic Trees (The Bends)
11. Creep (acoustic) - (My Iron Lung EP)

Yeah...yeah...I left a bunch of songs out (High and Dry, 2+2=5, How To Disappear, Fade Out, Polyethylene, True Love Waits, Electioneering)...but HEY! It's Radiohead...they're all great songs. And I have to draw the line at 11...cut me some slack.


Anonymous said...

The great thing about Radiohead is that they have so much variety that your Top 10, er, Top 11 can change completely from month to month.

Thanks to fans like you I've been getting exposed to non-album tracks that I never heard before. I'd have a hard time trimming that list to a Top 11.

Today I find myself fascinated by Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong. Tomorrow it could be Palo Alto. Radiohead have amassed a treasure trove of work.

Unfortunately the new album isn't wearing as well on me. I'm frankly turning to the old B-sides for solace, real instruments, and power.

Thom Yorke says fans who call for "Creep" at shows are living in the past, but I associate obnoxious, passionless drum machines with the past, too.

My new favorites are "All I Need" and "Jigsaw" because they have hooks, "Arpeggi" because it is intricate, and "House of Cards" because it represents Radiohead at it's best with Thom's voice and the guitar up front and the freaky just be freaky percussion buried in the background, where it is intriguing rather than overpowering.


I do believe that Like Spinning Plates is an amazing song, however on "I might be wrong-live recordings", I love that version 10 times more.

But good list, and good points!

Todd said...

I definitely agree on you statement about that live version of Like Spinning Plates, I like that version a lot more.

Andrew said...

pyramid song is a must have X(

LeMVP said...

Where is Let Down? And why is it not even on your left out songs. What a let down.

Unknown said...

the In Rainbows tracks will be making the best of lists sooner or later - they are simply brilliant and tower over their previous work.