Wednesday, October 17, 2007

THE UNKNOWN: Radiohead - Photographic Memory

1.2 million. That's how many people download Radiohead's new album (In Rainbows) in its first week of release. 1.2 million. That's bigger than the Backstreet Boys at their peak. That's up there with Nsync...Garth Brooks...Kayne West...What the hell? When did Radiohead become a boy band? All I've been reading all week is how pissed off fans are that the song files are only 160kbs. Really? Out of 1.2 million people, how many people are complaining about this? 50? That's like .00001%. That's not news. That's a bunch of crybabies. Don't give them anymore face time, it emboldens them. Like terrorists. The more you talk about what they are doing, the more they are going to do.

What's more interesting is that Radiohead stands to make 10 million dollars from the sales of this album....if true, that would mean Radiohead would hold the record for the most profit for an artist from any single album sale. In fact, with the release of this album, Radiohead might become the most profitable artists (based solely off record sales) EVER.

Way to go Head. If you haven't bought the album...or downloaded it for free. You can do it here.

Here is Radiohead - Photographic Memory

1. The Amazing Sounds of Orgy
2. Cuttooth
3. Lull
4. Bishop's Robes
5. Talk Show Host
6. Molasses
7. Trans-Atlantic Drawl
8. Fast Track
9. Kinetic
10. Worrywort
11. Fog
12. How I Made My Millions


Andrew said...

That is quite an excellent collection of B sides you have there. Is it just me, or are Radiohead's extra material a cut above most other bands?

I can't wait for the extra disc worth of material to hit the net.

Laura said...

Can I download your b-sides?
And have you heard the live version of Fog? It's amazing.

Allen L. said...

Where did you get these collections of b-sides? I would love to buy them.....go figure