Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The 11 Best Joy Division Songs

Do you know how hard it was watching the movie Control based on the life of Joy Division singer, Ian Curtis? It's a 2-hour black and white movie about a guy who commits suicide. Granted, it's a very good movie but I literally had to leave the theater and go and rent Evan Almighty just to keep myself from running my car off a bridge (and in LA, there are no bridges, which means I would have needed to drive to Long Beach to do it.) By the way, Evan Almighty...almost as depressing only for not the same reasons.

Here's the deal, if you like Joy Division, go see this movie. If you appreciate Joy Division, go see this movie. If you think you're cool because you don't go see mainstream movies, then, yeah...go see this movie.

This is the first movie directed by photographer/video director, Anton Corbijn. So...if you like Depeche Mode videos, then go see this movie.

If you want to see a movie where shit blows-up...then don't go see this movie.

Buy the new soundtrack to Control...it's a great sonic snapshot of the time period.

Here are the 11 Best Joy Division Songs:

1. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Substance)
2. Atmosphere (Substance)
3. Transmission (Substance)
4. Disorder (Unknown Pleasures)
5. Isolation (Closer)
6. Shadowplay (Unknown Pleasures)
7. Dead Souls (Substance)
8. Walked in Line (Still)
9. Failures (Substance)
10. New Dawn Fades (Unknown Pleasures)
11. She's Lost Control (Unknown Pleasures)


gaz said...

Transmission is #1 fuck that shit!

gaz said...

Transmission is #1 fuck that shit!

Sam said...

What about Decades?

Roland said...

Please anyone interested in Joy Division, listen to:

THE HORRORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their album Primary Colours and especially the song "Sea within the sea" is fantastic. I understand that this site it US oriented, more towards Iron and Wine and Grizzly bear, but please don't forget this album, it is marvellous, mixes Cure, Joy Division, Simple Minds, with guitars,


best album of 2009,


Larry said...

new dawn fades is by far the best song ever written

echo said...

and Ceremony didn't rate? what is that about?

i tried a search to see if you have a page for The Pogues, but had no luck. did i miss it, or could you do one?

JASON said...

c'mon, although 'transmission' is a great song, you can't touch 'Love will tear us apart'. Also, Roland I agree 'The Horrors' is a great band. Good sound. If you like them, try to find a band called 800Beloved and check them out.

All in all, I'd agree with this list. Although one song I would have included is 'No Love Lost' can't deny the genius in that song.

Also Echo, I agree that 'Ceremony' should be considered a Joy Division song, not New Order.

Max said...

The Only Mistake,

best JD song ever.

Mike Hosking said...

Top critique of the movie.
I actually did "Laugh Out Loud"; no abbreviations or anything. You should write professionally dude!

"(and in LA, there are no bridges, which means I would have needed to drive to Long Beach to do it.)"
Being a Brit, I have no idea what that means (distance? Is Long Beach not a nice place), but it's a great line!

Keep on doing it dude!!

dbutler16 said...

I agree with Love Will Tear us Apart as #1. She's Lost Control is second for me. I like Passover a lot, I think it's their most underrated song. Good list, though.