Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Best Non-Depeche Mode Songs by Depeche Mode Members

Halloween was much easier when you didn't have a kid. Sure it's more fun now...but I can't dress up like a serial killer when I have a 2-year-old daughter. That might actually be illegal in some states. I was going to be an evil clown...but even that will probably give her nightmares until her early teens. And if she has nightmares, that means I don't sleep. And it's not like my wife lets me eat the candy from Halloween anyway. I was allowed more candy when I was seven. Now if I eat more than a mini-snickers bar, I can't fit into my jeans. Life used to be so much better when I didn't know what a scale was.

The members of Depeche Mode are all growing up too. They are no longer the boy pop band from England. They are now full-fledged rock stars. How can you prove that: solo albums. Martin Gore has two, Alan Wilder (ex-member) has a bunch in his other band Recoil, even Alan Fletcher has an unreleased album (Toast Hawaii). This week, Dave Gahan released his second solo album, entitled Hourglass. It's a huge step forward from his first debut...maybe Gore will let him write a few more songs for the next DM album...

Here are the 11 Best Performances by Depeche Mode members outside of Depeche Mode:

1. Compulsion - Martin Gore (Counterfeit E.P.)
2. I Need You - Dave Gahan (Paper Monsters)
3. Dirty Stick Floors - Dave Gahan (Paper Monsters)
4. Reload - Dave Gahan (with Junkie XL)
5. Gone - Martin Gore (Counterfeit E.P.)
6. Coming Back To You - Martin Gore (Leonard Cohen Tribute Album)
7. In A Manner of Speaking - Martin Gore (Counterfeit E.P.)
8. Hold On - Dave Gahan (Paper Monsters)
9. Don't Look Back - Recoil (Liquid)
10. I Cast A Lonesome Shadow - Martin Gore (Counterfeit 2)
11. Last Breath - Recoil (Unsound Methods)

Buy Hourglass here and get a bonus DVD.

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