Monday, May 26, 2008

The 11 Best Mudhoney Songs

Last week, I went to Disneyland with my daughter. Despite getting rained on like I was in the midst of a Biblical flood, we were not thrilled with Disney's rainy day policies. First, half the outside rides closed down. I understand that an act of nature is out of their control, but I still paid full price and should be compensated somehow...instead, Disney charges $8 for rain ponchos for its guests. Even though they are saving thousands of dollars by not not running certain rides...they still prefer to dig an extra few bucks out of their patrons.

But I think the most amusing thing about the day is the fact that It's A small World has been closed for renovations. The internet rumor is that Americans have grown so fat, that they are sinking the boats of Small world. The park needs to upgrade the ride to accommodate those passengers who have no self control. At first, I thought, why not have a weight restriction just like many rides that have height restrictions? People who are short have no control over their height and the park has no problem making rules against them. So why spend millions of dollars to change a ride because Tubby couldn't say no to the triple chili cheese burger...twice? One of my friends put it best...he know how much money Disneyland makes off fat people? Who do you think buys those turkey legs? Sadly, fat people may be Disney's most profitable customers, and if they're not happy...

Here are the 11 best Mudhoney songs:

1. Hate The Police (Superfuzz Big Muff)
2. Touch Me, I'm Sick (Superfuzz Big Muff)
3. Suck You Dry (Piece of Cake)
4. Thorn (Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge)
5. You Got It (Superfuzz Big Muff)
6. No End in Sight (Piece of Cake)
7. Deception Pass (Five Dollar Bob Mock Cooter Stew)
8. Baby, Dig That Light (Since We've Become Translucent)
9. FDK (My Brother The Cow)
10. Here Comes Sickness (Mudhoney)
11. Freak Momma (Judgment Night)

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