Friday, May 02, 2008

The 11 Best Tom Petty Songs:

I went to the store to buy the new Mudcrutch album. The cheapest I could find it was $11.99. I can't believe there's still some label out there who would push a first week CD for more than $9.99. Have they still not learned from the Napster years? So I went home and decided to buy it online for under $10. But before I bought it...I listened to it one more time...and didn't like it as much. Then I noticed that I could get Tokyo Police Club for only $9.00 with a bonus remix EP. I bought that instead.

Had Mudcrutch been $10 at the store...I would have purchased that...but greed got the best of the label and they lost a customer.

The 11 Best Non-Heartbreaker Tom Petty Songs:

1. Zombie Zoo (Full Moon Fever)
2. Ankle Deep (Highway Companion)
3. Runnin' Down A Dream (Full Moon Fever)
4. I Won't Back Down (Full Moon Fever)
5. Wildflowers (Wildflowers)
6. Yer So Bad (Full Moon Fever)
7. Saving Grace (Highway Companion)
8. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (Full Moon Fever)
9. Coming Back To You (Wildflowers)
10. Time To Move On (Wildflowers)
11. Don't Do Me Like That (Mudcrutch)

Buy Tom Petty's new album with his side-project, Mudcrutch.

Buy Tokyo Police Club's full-length debut.

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