Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The 11 Best Weezer Songs:

I have a part-time on the city council. Yes, my city council position is only part-time. Partly because I'm not paid. Yet, they treat you like you're a full time employee. It's a thankless job filled with mostly 60 and over citizens who have nothing else to do with their lives but sit on a bench and bark about why their opinions are so much more insightful and accurate than anyone else's. Lately our attendance has been in the toilet. If I could drag 2 bums to come listen to the role call, I'd double the audience size. So I came up with this brilliant idea to get people in the door...we'd bribe them with free food. Currently, we were swimming in money. And one thing you should know about elderly folks...they hate spending money. Ironic, considering they should be spending their money as fast as possible before they die. I finally convinced them to hire the In-N-Out burger truck for a meeting. And guess what...hundreds of people showed up. It was our biggest showing...ever. Then a funny thing happened...all the council members who were crying about spending money on free food (and voted against it) were the first ones taking credit for the free food. Out in public, they were heroes. But behind closed doors...they did nothing but complain. Some didn't like the hamburger...where was the food for vegans? What about Kosher food? How come we got chips instead of fries? (In-n-Out doesn't deliver fries) And the best complaint, we had TOO many people.

During my entire service on the council...all the complained about was attendance. The second we got people there, they complained that there were too many people there and they were all there for the wrong reasons.

At this point, I'm quitting politics. It's too stressful to try to make everyone happy all the time, when no matter what you matter how helpful it pisses EVERYONE off.

Here are the 11 Best Weezer Songs:

1. The Good Life (Pinkerton)
2. Hash Pipe (Weezer Green)
3. Dope Nose (Maladroit)
4. Tired of Sex (Pinkerton)
5. This Is Such A Pity (Make Believe)
6. Keep Fishin' (Maladroit)
7. No One Else (Weezer Blue)
8. Butterfly (Pinkerton)
9. Photograph (Weezer Green)
10. Pink Triangle (Pinkerton)
11. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly (B-Side)

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Anel said...

As a huge Weezer fan i find this list to be unbelievably here's mine and then some. (no particular order)

1. say it ain't so
2. pink triangle
3. dope nose
4. hash pipe
5. buddy holly
6. island in the sun
7. el scorcho
8. pink triangle
9. my name is jonas
10. falling for you
11. perfect situation
12. photograph
13. (if you're wondering if I want you to) I want you to
14. troublemaker
15. undone (the sweater song)
16. pork and beans

acompleteunknown said...

I appreciate the comments...but take a bit of issue with the "unbelievably incorrect" comment. First of all you have 16 songs...not 11. I did the list prior to the Red nothing after that would be included. You have Pink triangle twice. And 95% of your songs are radio singles. There's nothing wrong with radio singles...but there are not the ONLY good songs.

duhzone1010 said...

Okay dude, first, i hate to be a douche, but do you even listen to Weezer? This is such a pity is literally like, their worst song. Sure, The good life is up there, but not first. You told this other dude that his were all radio singles, and, um, mostly so are yours. You obviously didn't even think about musicianship when you wrote this. Here's the top 11, dumb-pantses.

11. Tired of Sex (Pinkerton)
10. Simple Pages (Green)
9. The World Has Turned And Left Me Here (Blue)
8. The Angel And the One (Red)
7. Keep Fishing (Maladroit)
6. The Good Life (Pinkerton)
5. El Scorcho (Pinkerton)
4. Miss Sweeney (Red)
3. Say it Aint So (Blue)
2. Falling For You (Pinkerton)
1. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Red)

If you've ever listen it is literally the greatest song ever written. Also, don't whine about how its on the red album, get over it. So many parts of Weezer all in one. The old, the new, and just the plain old nerdy rock sound that we all have come to know as Weezer. Thanks Rivers for all these great years, keep it coming.

acompleteunknown said...

I do listen to Weezer. You know what else I do, I pay attention to detail. I do appreciate your list. I love it when people disagree with me. But you got pay attention to details. My list, that you are so quick to criticize for leaving out songs from the red album, was published BEFORE the red album was released. I guess I should have used my all-hearing headphones to listen to transmissions from the future to hear the songs that hadn't been released. Because I'm obviously missing songs from the Magenta album of 2019 and the epic Burnt Sienna album of 2034.

And I like the Red album. I even like only problem with them was...they hadn't been released yet!

But thanks for writing.

scotiaentertainment said...

Pretty much all Weezer songs are great, definitely one of my fav bands. I love how they put together heir albums, you can listen to the whole album start to end. Check out my blog post on my Top 10 Favorite Weezer Songs