Wednesday, May 14, 2008

THE UNKNOWN: Death Cab For Cutie - Uncharted Territory

I don't know if I'm fascinated by this or disturbed by it. Today I was out with my daughter and we noticed a woman at the park. This was a larger woman...she was somewhere between being big-boned and Roseanne Barr. Needless to say, she had larger breasts. All of sudden the strangest thing happened...her breast started vibrating. Jiggling if you must. But it wasn't both breasts, it was just one. I'll have to say that was odd...but now I was intrigued. Why in the world was this woman's breast jiggling for no apparent reason? Well, I was about to get my answer. The woman grabbed her shirt and shoved her hand into her own cleavage like she was inseminating a bull. The next thing I know, she's removed a cellphone, which she promptly answers. I was shocked...was she actually storing her cellphone in her bra? Who is she...Inspector Gadget? Well, seconds later, I was to get my confirmation, when she returned her cellphone to her bra. This was no college acid flashback. This woman was using her bra like an extra pocket on a pair of parachute pants. Then I pondered, what else is she keeping in there? Money? Keys? Make-Up? Chewing Gum? An Ipod? Lunch? And do I really want to know?

Buy Death Cab's new album...Narrow Stairs. It's well worth the money...I guarantee it!

Death Cab For Cutie - Uncharted Territory

1. Jealousy Rides With Me
2. Earth Angel (The Penguins)
3. Love Song (The Cure)
4. Talking Like Turnstiles
5. World Shut Your Mouth (Julian Cope)
6. Fortunate Son (CCR)
7. Rocking Chair (The Band)
8. Army Corps of Architects
9. This Temporary Life
10. Dream Scream (Daniel Johnston)
11. Christmas Baby (Please Come Home)
12. Spring Break Broke
13. Little Boxes

Note: Thanks for the help with the files!!!


Lee said...

I think the track "Jealousy Rides Again" is actually "Jealousy Rides With Me". It was on the Soul Meets Body single as well as the Heroes soundtrack. It can also be found here.

"Little Houses" is a cover of the song by Malvina Reynolds. The song was used as the theme for the show Weeds; many different artists recorded versions of it, including Regina Spektor, The Shins, and, of course, Death Cab. Their version can be found here.

Your blog is amazing and I'm glad that I've finally had an opportunity to help you out. Keep up the great work!

TJ O'Neill said...

I hate to say it, but what you saw isn't the most uncommon thing in the world. I have a friend with...let's call it a respectable cup size...who sticks her phone in her cleavage for lack of a better place. Add in the fact that her phone is a pink razr and it can get all kinds of distracting.

Keep up the great posts. Your blog is a daily read for me.


Walter said...

I...I know we just met, but...I think I love you.

And on a side note, from this post alone, I'm adding you to my own "Every day read" list. <: )

Thank you soooo much for these songs!

Chris said...

"thats so funny". definitely one of your better posts. i love this temporary life. its one of my favorite dcfc b-sides.