Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The 11 Best Bands Who Are Not In The RNR Hall of Fame

After watching Fuse TV's butchering of the RNR Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, I felt cheated. I can understand them cutting down the Anthony and the Imperials performance...I don't agree with it...but I understand it. As well as Bobby Womack. But Metallica's performance gets chopped up? They were the freaking main event! Why would you give them the B-list treatment? And did Run-DMC even perform? Joe Perry was there...so I figured Walk This Way was probably on the bill...but who knows? No mention of it whatsoever. It was great to see Wanda Jackson finally get here due...she really is a pivotal female voice in the foundations of rock n roll. Don't believe me? Go hunt down her version (Elvis borrowed it) of "Hard Headed Woman" and you will be completely blown away by how intense her performances were. This is a woman who had to share the stage with the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Elvis. For her to survive...she had to hold her own against the best. But Wanda brought a thought...how many other greats are still missing from the RNR Hall...well, here's my list.

The 11 Best Bands Who Are Not In The RNR Hall of Fame:

1. Iggy and the Stooges
2. Rush (Red Barchetta)
3. Kiss
4. Barry White
5. Deep Purple
6. Jackie Wilson
7. Thin Lizzy
8. The Cure
9. Hall & Oates
10. The Jam (In The City)
11. Jounrey


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I'll second that vote for The Jam.

It's interesting to see how well some (most?) of their songs stand up today, some 30 years after they were written.