Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The 11 Best Songs By Royksopp

It's tax day. The last chance for all us procrastinators to wrap up our business from last year...or our last chance to finalize an extension in order to procrastinate a bit more. Luckily my wife's an accountant and don't have to worry about any of that stuff.

So keeping the procrastination theme going, I'm going to do a post I should have done a couple weeks back. I rarely take much stalk in artists doing club music, outside of the old school greats like Moby, Orbital, Orbital, FSOL, and so on, most of the bands of this genre are lucky to exist in one-hit wonder status. But somehow, Royksopp has now kept my attention for three albums. Either they're just really good at what they do...or they're more talented than I gave them credit for. Either way...they've stacked up a decent setlist and after listening to the new album, I don't think the good songs are going to let up anytime soon.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Royksopp:

1. What Else Is There (The Understanding)
2. Circuit Breaker (The Understanding)
3. Remind Me (Melody A.M.)
4. Only This Moment (The Understanding)
5. Eple (Melody A.M.)
6. Beautiful Day Without You (The Understanding)
7. Someone Like Me (The Understanding)
8. Poor Leno (Melody A.M.)
9. Royksopp's Night Out (Melody A.M.)
10. Triumphant (The Understanding)
11. Dead To The World (The Understanding)

Buy Royksopp's new album, Junior, now.


Nickudemus said...
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Nickudemus said...

I am sorry man, but as an avid Royksopp fan, I cannot restrain myself.
Circuit Breaker as number 2?!?!?!
The Understanding was pretty much a bombing of an album, and yet 7 out of 11 of their "best" songs are from this album. I think your understanding of Royksopp and what their music is about is way off by looking at this list of yours.
Your Hands, A Quiet Place, In Space, She's So... there are a lot more quality Royksopp tunes out there.

Asbjørn Skødt said...

I have to totally agree with Nickudemus.

Melody A.M. should be way better represented.

acompleteunknown said...

How could I be way off about Royksopp and what there music is about if all the songs on the list are Royksopp songs? They made the songs. Unless they are all covers, these are all songs they wrote. They made the conscious choice to record them and release them. I think you're mistaking what "you want" the band to be with who they really are.