Thursday, April 23, 2009

The 11 Best Depeche Mode Songs of the 00s:

Okay, so it wasn't their best decade. But there are a couple of gems that hold up with some of their best material. No, not all of them...just a couple.

Here are The 11 Best Depeche Mode Songs of the 00s:

1. Precious (Playing the Angel)
2. Suffer Well (Playing the Angel)
3. Martyr (Best Of)
4. Free (Playing the Angel B-side)
5. Freelove (Exciter)
6. Lilian (Playing the Angel)
7. Shine (Exciter)
8. A Pain That I'm Used To (Playing the Angel)
9. When The Body Speaks (Exciter)
10. John The Revelator (Playing the Angel)
11. Goodnight Lovers (Exciter)

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Shok said...

a fine selection....

There are several additional songs I have thoroughly enjoyed... you have a decent sapling though!

dbutler16 said...

I agree with you on Precious being #1, and I'm very glad to see you have Lilian in there. I don't care too much for a few of your Exciter selections (Goodnight Lovers, When The Body Speaks, and Shine) but otherwise a very good list.

Here's mine, but there are actually 13, because there's a bunch at the end that I couldn't (or didn't feel like) separate.

1. Precious
2. Lilian
3. Nothing's Impossible
4. Macro
5. John The Revelator
6. A Pain That I'm Used To
7. Suffer Well
8. The Sinner In Me
9. Damaged People
9. The Darkest Star
9. Hole To Feed
9. Dream On
9. The Dead of Night

As you can see, 10 out of the 13 are from Playing the Angel, which I think is their best album since Violator. 2 from Exciter and only one from Sounds of the Universe, although overall, I like Sounds of the Universe much better than Exciter. In fact, Exciter is competing with Ultra for the dishonor of being my least favorite Depeche Mode album.