Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The 11 Best Depeche Mode Songs of the 90s:

Though the new Depeche Mode came out this week...all anyone seems to be talking about is "torture." No one is upset that America engaged in torture tactics...they're angry that the government released paperwork that we used certain torture techniques. Now our enemies know our tactics and can prepare for it. Honestly, if anyone actually thinks're an idiot. Even at our worst...our torture techniques pale in comparison to the terrorist techniques. If anything, they're not preparing for our torture...they're laughing at it. We may use "water boarding" which simulates drowning...but in the terrorist version instead of water, they use battery acid. We use sleep deprivation...they pour motor oil down your throat. We engage in something called "walling" where we throw suspects at a wall....they do something called "balling" where they cut off your balls. Face it, our tactics sucked. They wouldn't even make into the first draft of a "24" script. They wouldn't even convince a high school student to give up the name of a classmate who started a rumor...let alone break down a terrorist cell. Please...get some better tactics...then you can be offended.

Here are The 11 Best Depeche Mode Songs of the 90s:

1. Enjoy the Silence (Violator)
2. It's No Good (Ultra)
3. Policy of Truth (Violator)
4. Useless (Ultra)
5. Halo (Violator)
6. Sea of Sin (Violator B-Side)
7. Barrel of a Gun (Ultra)
8. Mercy In You (Songs of Faith and Devotion)
9. World In My Eyes (Violator)
10. Personal Jesus (Violator)
11. Walking in My Shoes (Songs of Faith and Devotion)

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Anonymous said...

What about Home or Only When I Lose Myself?

dbutler16 said...

Excellent list. "Walking in my Shoes" would probably be #12 on my list. Again, "Sea of Sin" pops up. I'll have to try to find it!

Here's mine:

1. Enjoy the Silence
2. Personal Jesus
3. World in My Eyes
4. The Sweetest Perfection
5. It's no Good
6. Policy of Truth
7. Blue Dress
8. Halo
9. One Caress
10. I Feel You
11. Barrel of a Gun