Monday, April 20, 2009

The Unknown: Depeche Mode - Cheating The Devil

To some artists, B-sides are an art form. Some musicians put out B-sides like it was a second career. Take Morrissey, when this guy sneezes at least 3 b-sides come shooting out with all the mucus. Ryan Adams has been known to record b-side albums in his sleep. And Travis? Do these guy release regular albums anymore...or just b-sides? Other bands are more sparing with their material and fans may be lucky enough to be graced with one exclusive track per decade. There's a reason AC/DC skipped the "B" in their name.
Depeche Mode falls in the middle. On their best albums, DM has given fans upwards of 6 b-sides...but always mixing in instrumentals with their vocal tracks. They've always been a bigger "remix" band. And it's no suprise we saw a Depeche Mode remix album before a b-side album. So collecting all the b-sides together wasn't the hurdle it would be with most bands. There were enough tracks to split the Bees into two albums. Instead of going in order, I've opted to start with second album, which features some tracks you may not be familiar with.

That said...if you guys want more DM synth pop goodness...then you need to go out and buy the new album (Sounds of the Universe). Right now if you go through my Amazon store, you can buy it for $3.99. I mean seriously, how are you ever going to beat that price? If enough people download it...then I'll have no choice but to treat you to some more rare stuff.

Depeche Mode - Cheating the Devil

8. Dirt
9. Free
12. Martyr

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Chele Belle said...

Thanks so much for sharing.

Paulo Monteiro said...

hi man. thanks for this compilation. can u repost song nr 5. its not working


dbutler16 said...

Great topic. You're right about Depeche Mode's B sides! I consider myself a big Depeche Mode fan, but I haven't even heard some of these. Unfortunately, the links didn't work. Anyway, Dangerous and Martyr are great songs, but I'm not too crazy about Only when I lose myself.

dbutler16 said...

I just checked out the ones I wasn't already familiar with. Great choices. Thanks for introducing me to Better Days and Happiest Girl.