Friday, April 10, 2009

The 11 Best Songs By Alice in Chains

In the shadow of Nirvana, lived one of Seattle's most underappreciated...Alice in Chains. Both Cobain and Staley died on the same day (April 5th). But now, when that day comes around, it's really only Cobain that's remembered. So even in death, AIC still lives underfoot. Although...I think that's how they like it.

I saw AIC play an acoustic show in 92. They were headlining the bill with 12 other bands, which included no names (at the time) like Tool, Rage Against the Machine, and Blind Melon. After 8 hours of opening acts (including a one of a kind performance by Tool where Henry Rollins played a flaming trash can and Maynard shot blanks from a shotgun at the audience), AIC finally graced the stage at 2 AM. Layne's voice brought an eerie hush to the crowd. If you've ever seen a show in LA, then you'll know that no one ever shuts up. So to accomplish silencing crowd...that's pretty much amazing. They only played 2 songs...but that's all they needed to play. In the years that followed, I saw them many more times...and albeit short, this was the best performance I ever saw them play.

The 11 Best Songs By Alice in Chains

1. Would? (Dirt)
2. Right Turn (Sap)
3. Brother (Sap)
4. Man in the Box (Facelift)
5. A Little Bitter (Last Action Hero)
6. Junkhead (Dirt)
7. Nutshell (Jar of Flies)
8. Heaven Beside You (AIC)
9. Sea of Sorrow (Facelift)
10. Them Bones (Dirt)
11. Social Parasite (Music Bank)


Chris said...

its moments like that, that you wish you had some sort of recording.

indie mom said...

What about Rooster?