Monday, April 27, 2009

The Unknown: Jane's Addiction - 11-29-88

Depeche Mode wasn't the only 80s giant to make a return splash this week. Jane's Addiciton, another massively influential 80s band, released a box set of outtakes, b-sides, demos, and live tracks. Though most of these tracks have floated around on bootlegs and blogs, they finally get the proper mastering treatment with this release. I've never been a fan of tracks pulled from concerts...always prefered the full concert...but this is a good start. I think of this like the Nirvana box set from a few years ago. It's really for fans only...but if you're a fan, it's something you have to have.

Hopefully, the full reunion this summer, will offer some more broken punk that they so brilliantly fostered in their early days. Probably not...but one can hope.

Here is the concert where one of the box set tracks (Bobhaus) was taken from:

Trip Away 11-29-88

3. Whores (mistitled Romeo)

Buy the box set, Cabinet of Curiosities now!

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