Monday, May 25, 2009

The 11 Best Songs by Grandaddy

This past week in the NBA playoffs, it has been all about the super stars. Carmelo for Denver, Kobe for the Lakers, Dwight Howard for Orlando, and LeBron for Cleveland. In past few games, the players have been bigger than the teams themselves. These players have strapped their teams on their backs and hauled them over the finish line. Literally like LeBron did at the end of game two. Though a team can't win without the strength and unity of all its working parts, it needs a true leader to ever make a lasting impact.

This past week saw Grandaddy frontman, Jason Lytle release his first solo album, Your Truly The Commuter. How will he fair on his own without his team?

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Grandaddy:

1. El Caminos in the West (Sumday)
2. The Crystal Lake (The Sophtware Slump)
3. The Group Who Couldn't Say (Sumday)
4. Summer Here Kids (Under The Wester Freeway)
5. Summer...It's Gone (Just Like the Famibly Cat)
6. Miner at the Dial-A-View (The Sophtware Slump)
7. Now It's On (Sumday)
8. Goodbye? (Excerpts From The Diary of Todd Zilla)
9. Revolution (I Am Sam Soundtrack)
10. Pull The Curtains (Excerpts From The Diary of Todd Zilla)
11. Hewlett's Daughter (The Sophtware Slump)

Buy Jason Lytle's new solo album, Yours Truly the Commuter, now!!

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Brend said...

shitty basketball analogy but they r good. great u might say