Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The 11 Conor Oberst Songs

Since the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame induction...a full month ago...the thoughts of weighing current artists musical merit has been big topic on my mind. Doing a blog like this, it's hard not to look at each artist and consider their impact in the bigger scheme of things. Especially this week. Three very strong music artists...each with distinct musical voices...but are any of them RNRHOF material? Between Ben Harper, Cracker and Bright Eyes/Conor...only BEC has the best shot at making it. Conor has played on stage with legendary artistis like Bruce Springsteen and the the respect is there. Conor has a legion of diehard fans...just take a look at Toby Maguire's hair in the third Spiderman movie. So the fanbase is there. But the one thing that's missing is true commercial crossover. Maybe that's why he ditched his Bright Eyes moniker for a new start...even though Bright Eyes is really just Conor with an interchanging cast of musicians. But perception is everything. Will mainstream success be the one thing that alludes Conor from RNR hall glory in 15 years? At the end of the day...I think he's a shoe-in...not just because of his musical talent...but the lack of competition from his contemporaries. It's not about being the's just about being better than the guy next to you.

Here are the 11 Conor Oberst Songs:
1. The Happiest Place on Earth (Desaparecidos - Read Music)
2. Moab (Conor Oberst)
3. Man and Wife, The Latter (Desaparecidos - Read Music)
4. Souled Out!!! (Conor Oberst)
5. Lenders in the Temple (Conor Oberst)
6. Breezy (Gentlemen's Pact)
7. Milk Thistle (Conor Oberst)
8. Sausalito (Conor Oberst)
9. $$$$ (Desaparecidos - Read Music)
10. Synesthete Song (Gentlemen's Pact)
11. Cape Canaveral (Conor Oberst)
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Michael said...

The 11...? Best? Good list. I voted for Conor in your poll, but I also think Green Day has a pretty huge chance.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Mike Mogis! :)