Thursday, May 07, 2009

The 11 Best Songs By Ben Harper

I think winning the NBA Finals may be the toughest sporting chanpionship of all professional sports. It's not just about be being the best physically...but being superior in all categories, inculding mental toughness and emotional endurance. The champion of the NBA finals will likely play more games in just the playoffs than an NFL Superbowl champion will play in its entire season. The NCAA's March Madness may be the most fun...but to be the Final Four Champ, you'll play less games than most NBA teams will play in their opening best of seven series. The MLB champs play more games in their season (but their season is actually shorter). And their playoffs are a series short of even holding a candle to the NBA. Only the NHL can compare. But as close as the NHL comes, they fall short because they "re-seed" the playoff teams after each round. Ensuring that the #1 seed will always have the lightest path.

So no matter how the cards fall in the playoffs, whoever wins the NBA finals, without a doubt, deserves it.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Ben Harper:

1. Another Lonely Day (Fight For Your Mind)
2. Jah Work (The Will To Live)
3. Glory and Consequence (The Will To Live)
4. Opression (Fight For Your Mind)
5. With My Own Two Hands (Diamonds On the Inside)
6. Burn One Down (Fight For Your Mind)
7. Don't Take That Attitude To Your Grave (Welcome to the Cruel World)
8. Excuse Me Mr. (Fight For Your Mind)
9. Diamonds on the Inside (Diamonds On the Inside)
10. Burn To Shine (Burn To Shine)
11. Mourning Yearning (Both Sides of the Gun)

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Letz said...

...."The Woman in You" should be within the top five IMO :)