Friday, May 08, 2009

The Unknown: Arctic Monkeys - Live at KCRW 2005

Lately, the Arctic Monkeys have been stirring up a lot of excitment on the live front. Just a few months ago, the band previewed new songs in concert, prompting rabid anticipation that a new album would be just around the corner.

Now, this week, the band releases a Live CD/DVD to very little fanfare. How little? Well, I'm sure most of you are learning about this as your reading my blog...and the album's already been out for a few days. The DVD chronicles a spectacular show at the Apollo in Manchester, which was getting rave reviews when it was released last month in England. But now in the US version, the band has added a bonus 10-song live CD from Austin, Texas. And anything musical that comes out of Texas has to be good.

Arctic Monkeys - Live on KCRW

1. A View From The Afternoon
2. Dancing Shoes
3. Fake Tales of San Francisco
4. You Probably Couldn't See For the Lights
5. Perhaps Vampire is a Bit Strong But
6. From The Ritz to the Rubble
7. A Certain Romance

Buy the Arctic Monkeys' new CD/DVD combo, Live at the Appollo.


mudville said...

The link for track 4 seems to be broken.

Hanan said...

thanks very much for this