Monday, May 04, 2009

The Unknown: Ben Harper - It's Radioactive (Live)

The first time I ever saw Ben Harper play live was the first time I ever heard his music.  Back in college, I begged my connection at the label for passes to the show because I was more interested in seeing the opening act.  I think it might have Coolbone.  Remember those guys? one does.  But until that point, I had honestly never given him a fair listen, and it was like he knew it too.  I was trying to get my friend to leave after the opening act but we decided to stay for one song.  That opening song was 17-minutes long.  It was an epic jam on the scale of Hendrix proportions.  If there was any more songs in Ben's set that really didn't matter.  This one song was filled with so much energy and electricity, he could have ended his set right there and not one person would have been disappointed.  In fact, it was so fucking brilliant, I'm sure most of us would have forked over more cash just because we felt guilty.  But this wasn't the only song...there more...and as the momentum of the concert built, the intensity of the songs magnified with each note.  I wasn't a fan before the show...but the next day, I went out and bought all his albums.  It's hard to watch a musician this talented get shoved aside while the David Cooks, the Ciaras, and the Kelly Clarksons accolades, when most likely...they don't even know how to play the cowbell.  

Here's a live Ben Harper radio broadcast from 97 to give you a brief look at how amazing BH could be live.  And the missing tracks are just radio promos...don't're not missing anything.

Ben Harper - It's Radioactive (LIVE)

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check out this recent photo of BH at Webster Hall in NYC (May 6, 2009):