Monday, May 11, 2009

The 11 Best Songs By Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Has American Idol destroyed the music industry?

Everyone wants to blame the internet and all the illegal downloading. But believe it or not...a lot of people STILL don't know how to do it. My parents have a hard enough time checking their email...let alone figuring out what the hell a torrent is. My friends have too much going on in their lives to hunt down where to download the music, they would rather just buy the album off itunes because it's less hassle. So is downloading to blame? For a small percentage...sure. But for a 60% drop? There's something bigger going on.

American Idol has become the mainstream. This is where America learns about new music. But the difference between AI candidates and real rock stars...AI candidates have no musical talent. Sure they can sing...but they have no connection to the music they're singing. It's not personal. It's not created from inside them. In fact, they themselves are created to be the artist that America thinks they want. The problem can only wear that mask for so long. That's why all the AI artists' 2nd albums tank. They're not real musicians. They are karoake artists. A gimmick. And once "that artists'" gimmick has warn cares anymore.

I really think the American Idol topic has a lot more to over the next couple of days...I'll explore it in more detail. and hopefully, I can convince you all to turn it off...and bring back a music industry resurgance.

With a new Mars Volta album only a couple weeks out... ever prolific Omar (lead guitar) is releasing his 11th (that's right) solo album in 5 years. Let's see anyone on American Idol do that. This newest venture brings on Mars Volta singer, Cedric, to add vocals to all but two's like a Mars Volta warm-up for the coming Mars Volta album.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Omar Rodriguez-Lopez:

1. La Tirania de la Tradicion (Se Dice Bisonte)
2. Calibration (Calibration)
3. The Palpatations Form A Limit (A Manual Dexterity)
4. ....Is Pushing Lucy (Calibration)
5. Se Dice Bisonte (Se Dice Bisonte)
6. Power of Myth (Old Money)
7. Jacob Van Leenpkade II (The Apocalypse Inside of an Orange)
8. Hands Tied To The Roots of a Hemorage (Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fungus)
9. Coma Pony (The Apocalypse Inside of an Orange)
10. Tied Prom Digs on the Docks (Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fungus)
11. Dispanec Triage (Megritual)

Buy Omar's new solo album, El Grupo Nuevo de Omar - Cryptomnesia.


Courtney Flowers said...


Courtney Flowers said...

I love Coma Pony, very good song. I discovered Omar last year. I'm happy I did.