Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The 11 Best Death Cab For Cutie Songs of the 00s

The one harsh reality about illegal downloading is the songwriter really does get screwed.  I don't feel bad for the record labels that much.  They've ripped off the customers for years and fucked over the artists even more.  Labels are nothing more than bully distributors who charge a ridiculously large fee for use of their toll roads.  The internet killed the label's monopoly over the rivers of distribution.  Now any one can be bought and sold, and they don't need a poorly-structured contract to do that.  Bands really do deserve our money.  They spend months, even years, creating music for our pleasure and they ask for so little in return.  Especially now that two big releases this week are selling for a meager $5 (Death Cab & MMJ), that's really just some spare pocket change for two of the best albums of the year.

Here are the 11 Best Death Cab For Cutie Songs of the 00s:

1.  I Will Follow You Into the Dark (Plans)
2.  Title Track (We Have The Facts)
3.  Soul Meets Body (Plans)
4.  Title and Registration (Transatlanticism)
5.  405 (We Have The Facts)
6.  The Sound Of Settling (Transatlanticism)
7.  Someday You Will Be Loved (Plans)
8.  Grapevine Fires (Narrow Stairs)
9.  Why You'd Want To Live Here (The Photo Album)
10.  Marching Bands of Manhattan (Plans)
11.  Bixby Canyon Bridge (Narrow Stairs)

Buy Death Cab For Cutie's new album, Codes and Keys now.  (Only $5 for a limited time)


Patrick said...

All good songs, but This Temporary Life remains my favorite. Obscure, I guess, but a hell of a song.

Brian said...

Please look at my blog. Thank you

laura said...

I love lists! Here's mine:

We Laugh Indoors (Photo Album)
I Will Possess Your Heart (Narrow Stairs)
Tiny Vessels (TransA)
A Movie Script Ending (Photo Album)
A Lack of Color (TransA)
Grapevine Fires (Narrow Stairs)
Title Track (Have the Facts)
Why You'd Want to Live Here (Photo Album)
Passenger Seat (TransA)
Your New Twin-Sized Bed (Narrow Stairs)
Bixby Canyon Bridge (Narrow Stairs)

I love Death Cab, but I'm not a completist. Are they a good b-sides band?

acompleteunknown said...

Their b-sides are decent. My two favorites are Jealousy Rides With Me and their Love Song cover. We posted a b-sides comp on them a couple years ago...though the links are no longer live, it makes for a good checklist.