Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Ben Harper of the 90s

On another note from my car trip this weekend, I've been exploring the numerous XM/Sirius stations that come free with my new car for three months.  I noticed that there are about 25-30 rock stations but only about 5 pop stations.  With the constant media announcements that rock is dead, why would you have so many stations playing rock if no one wants to hear it?  This is just another of the long list of examples of the disconnect between what the record industry is pushing down our throats and what we actually want to listen to.  America crowds around the TV to watch American Idol and vote on their favorites...then as soon as it's over, they switch the channel to their favorite classic rock station.  I'm not suggesting there should be an American Rock Idol...the exact opposite actually.  You can't manufacture music.  It doesn't work.  There's a reason people return to rock music.  There's something real and authentic to it.  There's a real connection to it.        People love American Idol for the competition aspect...not the music.  If people truly love the singers...Clay Aiken would have been the next Michael Jackson...not the next Mike Reno.

Real musical artists have real careers.  Twenty years into his career, Ben Harper shows no signs of slowing down.  And he didn't need to win a popularity contest to be successful.

Here Are the 11 Best Songs By Ben Harper of the 90s:

1.  Another Lonely Day (Fight For Your Mind)
2.  Glory & Consequence (The Will To Live)
3.  Oppression (Fight For Your Mind)
4.  Widow of a Living Man (The Will To Live)
5.  Burn One Down (Fight For Your Mind)
6.  Jah Work (The Will To Live)
7.  Burn To Shine (Burn To Shine)
8.  By My Side (Fight For Your Mind)
9.  Will To Live (The Will To Live)
10.  Forever (Welcome To The Cruel World)
11.  God Fearing Man (Fight For Your Mind)

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Chris said...

I've never been a major Ben Harper song, however the two songs Walk Away and Forever have always stayed with me as being truly remarkable songs. I also really love burn to shine. I think it says something when someone writes a song that can really stick with you through the years even if you aren't a major fan of that person you really love those songs you do know. Especially if those songs weren't on the radio. So you had to seek them out or find out about them through mix tapes or friends. Which is how I heard all of those songs.

acompleteunknown said...

I agree...that pretty much describes my relationship with Ben Harper. I was introduced to him song by song, until I realized how much of his stuff I truly enjoyed. Another Lonely Day is one of my all time favorite songs.