Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Lou Reed of the 70s

For fans of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music...his new collaboration album with metal giants, Metallica, might as well be its mainstream sequel.  Lulu seemed like a match made in Bosch's Garden of Delight, where the anticipation was far greater than the actual delivery. But we all knew it was going to be a Monster Truck demolition...we just weren't ready to admit it.  That said...is it that terrible?  It's not a rock record nor is it a pop record.  It's really an avant garde experimental album that is fighting the restraints of mainstream music.  It's admirable that they took these preconceived notions on head-on.  And there really is some of it that is rather listenable.  It's not going to rule the charts in a Justin Beiber like fashion (although don't be surprised if its first week sales are up there)...but who knows what kind of influence it will have years from now.  Metal Music Machine was hated when it first came out...now there are people out there who actually consider it groundbreaking and immensely influential.  With all its struggles and disconnect with the fans of both bands...it's still way better than the new Kelly Clarkson.

The 11 Best Songs By Lou Reed of the 70s:

1.  Perfect Day (Transformer)
2.  Walk on the Wild Side (Transformer)
3.  Follow the Leader (Rock N Roll Heart)
4.  Street Hassle (Street Hassle)
5.  Stupid Man (The Bells)
6.  Satellite of Love (Transformer)
7.  Coney Island Baby (Coney Island Baby)
8.  The Kids (Berlin)
9.  Banging On My Drum (Rock N Roll Heart)
10.  Berlin (Berlin)
11.  Walk and Talk It (Lou Reed)

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AJ Steel said...

I love perfect day. Great song. The lyrics are so easy to relate to.