Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The 11 Most Anticipate Albums of Winter 2012

The final year of existence is upon us...and here's what we have to look forward to.

They always did say Van Halen would reunite when hell froze over.  I guess they were right.

Here are the 11 Most Anticipate Albums of Winter 2012:

  1. Van Halen - Secret Title (2/7)
  2. The Shins - Port of Morrow (March)
  3. Craig Finn - Clear Eyes, Full Hearts (1/24)
  4. Paul McCartney - Kisses on the Bottom (1/31)
  5. Sleigh Bells - Reign of Terror (2/14)
  6. The Big Pink - Future This (1/17)
  7. Of Montreal - Paralytic Stalks (1/31)
  8. Heartless Bastards - Arrow (2/14)
  9. Esperanza Spalding - Radio Music Society (2/28)
  10. Cloud Nothings - Attack on Memory (1/24)
  11. Miike Snow - Happy To You (March)


Chris said...

The album I'm most excited for is not on your list, its Nada Surf's "The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy". Especially after they posted a track on barsuk's website.

acompleteunknown said...

I overlooked that one...and the new Guided By Voices. Both should be considered in the director's cut expanded edition.

Unknown said...

I like this Album, Really I'm very happy for your list "The Stars are not interested in Astronomy."

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bherstig said...

I second (or 3rd or 4th) Chris - going to see them in March. Love the new single. And a vote for Ben Kweller's self released album as well...