Thursday, January 26, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By Rodrigo y Gabriela

I will never understand Apple.  They really have no ability except to repeat the same mistakes over and over and over.  First off, I can't figure out how to turn off Genius from constantly connecting and using up the internet bandwith.  But what's worse is that every time it tries to connect, it makes me fill out my password.  It's annoying because I don't even want Genius to connect but it does anyways...AND...I can never remember my password.  That shouldn't be an issue but apple has the most ridiculous parameters for passwords (needs letters, numbers, and capital letters).  Apple doesn't realize that people use mostly the same passwords.  Asking them to create a new password with all your parameters is counter-productive.  Since every website needs a password nowadays...making your site the one site where the password needs to be different is only going to piss us off.  Now we have to remember a new's just not going to happen.  We'll forget it...then every time we sign in...we're going to need to reset our password.  If I have to do that every time I check in it's only going to discourage me from coming back.  I know this sounds silly and petty to complain about but should Apple the company that everyone thinks is so a bit more customer friendly?

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Rodrigo y Gabriela:
  1. Buster Voodoo (11:11)
  2. Diablo Rojo (Rodrigo y Gabriela)
  3. Orion  (Rodrigo y Gabriela)
  4. Hanuman  (11:11)
  5. Foc (re-Foc)
  6. Tamacun  (Rodrigo y Gabriela)
  7. 11:11  (11:11)
  8. Temple Bar  (re-Foc)
  9. Paris  (re-Foc)
  10. Master Maqui  (11:11)
  11. Take 5 / One (Focing Version 9)  (re-Foc)
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Michael said...

hmm. bummer hiccup for you. although it annoys me as well when genius connects (b/c i have an 80GB classic which isn't compatible with genius), it never asks for my password.