Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By The Hold Steady

For music releases...the first couple months of a new year is usually a dead time filled with leftovers, new bands, and sophomore albums.  It's very hard to make lists for bands with one album since their list is pretty much every song on their debut album.  There's really no point in making a list. It's like eating a BLT and then making a list of the five favorite ingredients in the sandwich.  The only real surprise is if the tomato knocks off the bacon...or some nut bread or rosemary mayo somehow sneaks up the chart.  But I've never been big on order of songs over the inclusion of specific songs in the lists.  That's why there's no lists for Big Pink or Cloud Nothings...two of my most anticipated albums this month.  But finally things are rolling...and there are more lists to be made.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Hold Steady:

  1. Stay Positive (Stay Positive)
  2. Stuck Between Stations (Boys and Girls in America)
  3. Soft in the Center (Heaven Is Whenever)
  4. Sequestered in Memphis (Stay Positive)
  5. Hot Soft Light (Boys and Girls in America)
  6. Both Crosses (Stay Positive) 
  7. Cattle and Creeping Things (Separation Sunday)
  8. The Weekenders (Heaven Is Whenever)
  9. The Swish (Almost Killed Me)
  10. Constructive Summer (Stay Positive)
  11. Chips Ahoy! (Boys and Girls in America)

Buy Craig Finn's new solo album, Clear Heart Full Eyes.

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BHer said...

Dude - the Hold Steady rock. And Craig Finn is turning into a really good singer. He has made a conscious effort on the last few releases to work on his voice, as yelling his lyrics won't work long term.

Great Twin Cities based band! And, while I could quibble a little about the list (kind of like "Two Handed Handshake") they're all good.