Thursday, April 11, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Rival Schools

There was a ten year gap between Rival Schools debut album, United By Fate (2001) and their second official release, Pedals (2011).  That's a bigger gap than was between Quicksand's debut and Rival Schools.  That doesn't mean Rival Schools was silent during that time.  In 2003, the band recorded a follow-up to United By Fate...but the common problems that plague every band caused the album to never see the light of day...until now.  This week, the re-mastered...maybe even re-recorded version of that second album, Found, finally gets an official release.  Though it had been floating around the internet for years...this finished version is light years in quality above anything else out there.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Rival Schools:
  1. The Switch (United By Fate) 
  2. High Acetate (United By Fate)
  3. Used For Glue (United By Fate)
  4. Shot After Shot (Pedals)
  5. Travel By Telephone (United By Fate)
  6. 69 Guns (Pedals)
  7. Holding Sand (United By Fate)
  8. Undercovers On (United By Fate)
  9. Choose Your Own Adventure (Pedals)
  10. Small Doses (Pedals)
  11. On Vacation (Used For Glue)
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