Thursday, April 18, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Dead Confederate

I don't know if I've ever seen a news story with as much misinformation floating around than the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing.  From how many people were killed, to the real and desired suspects, to linked bombings and even fictional sources.  The rumors grew so prevalent that law enforcement started believing in the rumors that were started by a media outlet, who said that they were using a law enforcement source (which turned out to be untrue).  Are we such a "get it now" generation that we don't have the patience to do the right thing by taking in all the right evidence before making an accusation?  I have a friend who bet me $100 that the kid's picture who was on the internet was part of the bombing.  That kid turned out to be a high school student not affiliated.  Now my friend has vanished conveniently that it's time to pay up.

Let's get one thing straight, whoever committed this horrible act is complete asshole.  They deserve no mercy and I'm not sure there's a punishment out there that truly fits the crime. But most importantly, we should make sure we find the right asshole.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Dead Confederate:
  1. The Rat (Wrecking Ball)
  2. In The Dark (Sugar)
  3. Mob Scene (Sugar)
  4. Shadow the Walls (Dead Confederate)
  5. Goner (Wrecking Ball)
  6. Giving It All Away (Sugar)
  7. Slave to Slavery (Peyote People)
  8. Sugar (Sugar)
  9. It Was A Rose (Wrecking Ball)
  10. We Married Money (Peyote People)
  11. Start Me Laughing (Wrecking Ball)
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Chad Davis said...

Very cool that you did a list for Dead Confederate. I would love to share mine:
1. All The Angels
2. The Rat
3. Slave To Slavery
4. It Was A Rose
5. Get Out
6. Father Figure
7. First Fires
8. Start Me Laughing
9. Sugar
10. Goner
11. By Design