Thursday, April 04, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Rilo Kiley

The news of a new Rilo Kiley album created a stir of excitement.  When Rilo Kiley broke up five years was done right as the band was hitting their stride.  There is something to be said about going out on top...though it sucks for the fans.  But hearing that a potential reunion was in the works everyone was on their toes, especially after the multiple solo albums.  Hearing it was just a B-sides album was a bit disappointing...though it's better than nothing, right? That seems this might just be the prelude to more things...a tour, a reunion album...maybe it is worth sticking around to see what comes next.

Here Are the 11 Best Songs By Rilo Kiley:

  1. More Adventurous (More Adventurous)
  2. Portions For Foxes (More Adventurous)
  3. With Arms Outstretched (The Execution of All Things)
  4. Love and War 11/11/46 (More Adventurous)
  5. Accidntel Deth (More Adventurous)
  6. My Slumbering Heart (The Execution of All Things)
  7. Breaking Up (Under The Blacklight)
  8. The Execution of All Things (The Execution of All Things)
  9. Under The Blacklight (Under The Blacklight)
  10. The Good That Won't Come Out (The Execution of All Things)
  11. Glendora (The Initial Friend EP)

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