Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By James Blake

Looking for a job in today's world is much harder than it was years ago...and frankly, far more time consuming.  Big hub career boards like Career Builder and Monster are pretty awful.  All they do is point you to outdated job listings where you have to go to the site and fill out ten pages of personal data just to see if you qualify for the job.  My friend filled out an online application for a manager position at Panda Express. He said it took him 90 minutes.  To work at Panda Express!!  Sadly, he not only didn't get the job...he didn't even get an interview.  Having to fill out applications on every single site (and submit a fully filled out resume) seems so's kinda obvious why we have such an unemployment problem in this country.  It's not that there isn't enough just takes too long to fill out all the applications.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By James Blake:
  1. CMYK (CMYK)
  2. Limit To Your Love (James Blake)
  3. Wilhelms Scream (James Blake) 
  4. Unluck (James Blake)
  5. Fall Creek Boys Choir (Enough Thunder)
  6. Not Long Now (Enough Thunder)
  7. Love Happens Here (Love Happens Here)
  8. A Case Of You (Enough Thunder)
  9. Enough Thunder (Enough Thunder)
  10. Lindesfarne II (James Blake)
  11. I Never Learned To Share (James Blake)
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