Thursday, April 25, 2013

The 11 Worst Genre Changes By Musicians

The new Snoop Dogg album...ahem, I mean Snoop Lion finds him changing musical genres and attempting to make a reggae album.  Snoop is not the first artist who has changed genres.  Many have tried...many have failed.  By the massive amount of weed Snoop has smoked over the past 20 years...reggae isn't a far stretch from what he's capable of.  Others have not been as fortunate with their drastic musical changes and probably regret them to this day.

Here are the 11 Worst Genre Changes by Musicians:

  1. Chris Cornell:  Grunge Rock to Pop
  2. Garth Brooks' Chris Gaines: Country to Alt Rock
  3. Dee Dee King:  Punk Rock to Hip-Hop
  4. Jewel: indie rock to country
  5. Norah Jones' El Madmo: light jazz to artrock punk 
  6. Beastie Boys to Country: Hip-Hop to Country
  7. Kid Cudi to WZRD: Hip-Hop to Rock
  8. Lil Wayne Rebirth: Hip-hop to Rock
  9. Darius Rucker: alt rock to country
  10. Katy Hudson to Katy Perry:  Contemporary Christian to mainstream pop 
  11. Ryan Adams' Werewolph, Orion, DJ Reggie: rock to death metal, electronic, and hip-hop
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Donovan said...

kid cudi's genre change hardly deserves a mention. he wasn't ever really a hip-hop artist much less a good one.

tiesto's genre change from trance to commercial electro-house deserves a mention here.