Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Dawes

March Madness is the ultimate war of attrition.  And may be the perfect analogy to the music industry.  You have everything:  from one-hit wonders to legends, from big city brawlers to country kids, from the unknown to the everybody knows.  There's no guarantees in the tournament, the big name powerhouse can lose to the upstart podunk school making their big dance debut (Florida Gulf Coast vs. Georgetown).  But to win it all...you have to last.  You have to keep going.  You may have one memorable game and for a mid-major like Harvard that may be enough.  Or reaching the Final Four for Witchita State.  But to win it all and become a champion, you have to beat everyone in your path.  There are no second chances...and like in pro-sports, there's no coming back next year.  This is your only chance.  Music at least you get second chances...and sometimes sticking around is the best way to be heard.  Dawes may be the best band to win the war of musical attrition.  They get better with every release and with folk rock hitting its stride...they may be hitting theirs at just the right time.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Dawes:
  1. If I Wanted Someone (Nothing Is Wrong)
  2. Time Spent In Los Angeles (Nothing Is Wrong)
  3. That Western Skyline (North Hills)
  4. Coming Back To A Man (Nothing Is Wrong)
  5. God Rest My Soul (North Hills)
  6. The Way You Laugh (Nothing Is Wrong)
  7. My Girl To Me (North Hills)
  8. Fire Away (Nothing Is Wrong) 
  9. Rest Easy (Daytrotter Session)
  10. When You Call My Name (North Hills)
  11. All My Failures (Suitcase EP)
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