Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By The Cold War Kids

I had a  free credit to Best Buy that was expiring.  I needed to get something.  It was only $15.  Not enough for a big purchase...but I could definitely pick up a CD I didn't have.  Which is rare to hear that there's a CD out there that I don't have.  I've been wanting the new expanded edition of Fleetwood Mac's I felt that would be a good choice. I went to the store and begin browsing.  I felt like I had walked out into a war zone.  CDs were strewn all over the racks...none of them in any sort of discernible order.  Empty gaps...some CDs opened.  Any no trace of the new Fleetwood Mac set.  But they did have about 50 copies of the new Justin Timberlake and Lil Wayne CDs.  When I asked a sales person for help they told me they could order the CD online and have it shipped to my place.  I thought...I could have done that. At home.  What's the point of me coming into the store if you're just going to do something I'm could do myself?  What's the point of even having a store?

Once upon a time, Best Buy was my go to Tuesday destination.  When a new album came out I would be at Best Buy the moment it opened because the new albums would actually sell out.  There was a demand.  Now it's a graveyard.  A graveyard created by the box store itself.  They used to have one of the best music selections this side of Tower Records.  From obscure CDs, to exclusive editions, to the most popular releases, they gave it a shit.  Now, it's obvious they couldn't care less.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Cold War Kids:
  1. Something Is Not Right With Me (Loyalty To Loyalty)
  2. Audience (Behave Yourself)
  3. We Used To Vacation (Robbers & Cowards)
  4. Mexican Dogs (Loyalty To Loyalty)
  5. Hospital Beds (Robbers & Cowards)
  6. I've Seen Enough (Loyalty To Loyalty)
  7. God, Make Up Your Mind (Robbers & Cowards)
  8. Hang Me Up To Dry (Robbers & Cowards)
  9. Bulldozer (Mine Is Yours)
  10. Welcome To the Occupation (Loyalty To Loyalty)
  11. Louder Than Ever (Mine Is Yours)
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Chris said...

Best buy used to be one of my go to places for hard to find cd singles. it is kind of amazing how things change and evolve (or devolve) over the years.

However, even though I live in a city that has a bunch of record stores, I still feel like I can't find what I'm looking for when I venture out to the shop.