Thursday, November 10, 2011

The 11 Best Remixes By Justice

There's really only one news story that taken over this week and that's the horrid appall of the Penn State football program.  It's a story so vile that it wouldn't even be believable in a horror film.  But real life is always stranger than fiction.  It's a story so disgusting you want to blame anyone and everyone involved in the situation.  And I believe that's what happening. What bothers me most is the person who seemed to have the least part of the whole situation getting the worst of the media scorn and that's Joe Paterno.  I think the reason that he's getting the worst of it is because he is the most public figure in all of this.  And they're punishing him with the clear-sighted hindsight vision..  Obviously looking at the situation now, Paterno should have done more...but it's not like he didn't do anything.  Yet, he's received the most media attention...some for praises and others for damnation.  I'm not here to defend him or hang him...kind of the opposite.  I merely want to point out...that in this whole scandal...we need to focus on there real monster.  Sandusky, the coach who committed these vile crimes, should be the person hung out for public scorn.  If you read the list of charges against this horrible scum bag it will make your stomach churn.  We be should be  publicly hanging this demon.  We should be telling the world...this is what a monster looks like.  He should be the focal point of all the news casts...Paterno should be a footnote.  And if it's shown that he knew more than he's letting on than he should be punished.  But let's keep the real venom aimed at the one who is behind these heinous crimes.  Let justice be served.

Here are the 11 Best Remixes By Justice:

1.  Electric Feel - MGMT (Justice Remix)
2.  NY Excuse - Soulwax (Justice Remix)
3.  Get Your Boots On - U2 (Justice Remix)
4.  Human After All - Daft Punk (Justice Remix)
5.  She Wants To Move - N.E.R.D. (Justice Remix)
6.  The Fallen - Franz Ferdinand (Ruined By Justice)
7.  Let Love Rule - Lenny Kravitz (Justice Remix)
8.  Nazis - Mr. Oizo (Justice Remix)
9.  Love Stoned/I Think She Knows - Justin Timberlake (Justice Remix)
10.  As Above So Below - The Klaxons (Justice Remix)
11.  Blood on Our Hands - Death From Above 1979 (Justice Remix)

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