Friday, November 04, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Florence + the Machine

For an artist who only has one official album, Florence has been a busy artist over the past couple of years.  She has four special deluxe versions of her album, each with 4 to 12 bonus tracks.  She has three full length live concert albums, plus two concert DVDs and a remix album.  She has two live EPs and one regular EP.  Plus, she has a song on a Twilight soundtrack.  That's a more impressive resume than most bands make in an entire 20-year career.  I usually never do lists for bands with one album...but Florence is one of those rare artists who can't even be contained by restraints of an album.  I wonder how long she'll be able to keep up this pace, is she purposely trying to be the female version of Ryan Adams?  So far her material has been solid so at this rate, anything she does put out regardless of the wait...will be worth seeking out for a listen.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Florence + The Machine:

1.  Rabbit Heart (Lungs)
2.  Howl (Lungs)
3.  Blinding (Lungs)
4.  You've Got The Love (Lungs)
5.  Strangeness and Charm (Live at the Wiltern)
6.  Drumming Song (Lungs)
7.  Addicted To Love (You've Got The Love Single)
8.  Bird Song (Lungs: Deluxe Edition)
9.  Heavy in Your Arms (Twilight: Eclipse)
10.  Flakes (Remixes, Covers and Rarities)
11.  Halo (Radio 1's Live Lounge Volume 4)

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Chris said...

I first heard Florence on WXPN with her cold war kids cover and I thought she sounded so awesome I had to track something else down, so I found a 4-song ep with some earlier versions (?) of a couple of her tracks that eventually were released on lungs. I listened to EP a crap-ton. However, once the album finally made its way to the states I was kind of sorely disappointed in the rest of her material. I'm glad others seem to like it so much but I've found it hard to enjoy more then the few songs I heard off of that EP. I am, however, also astounded by how much material she has released over the past few years.

Vlady said...

Good list but you have to update it. You must have some tracks from Ceremonials on a list like this. I find this one to be more representative-

flofish said...

yes! A list where Strangeness and Charm is on there! One of her best songs, I think. I also love No Light, No Light.

flofish said...

strangeness and charm, definitely one of her best! No light no light is also pretty amazing.

special_angel1980k said...

what about her song "Spectrum (say my name)" I love this song. So Powerful.

acompleteunknown said...

My lists are always the best songs by an artist prior to their new release...therefore no Ceremonials tracks until her next release.