Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Mutemath

I'm continuing on with my catch-up week with the very underrated Mutemath...

This has been a busy week with sex scandals.  Between Herman Cain's sexual comments, to Bieber's sexual exploits, to the sheer ugliness of Penn State.  I mean how lucky are both Cain and Bieber to have their sex scandals break at the same time as Penn State.  You hear what Cain and Justin did and your instant reaction is that they are total pigs...then you hear about the coach at Penn State in the same breath and you can't even react.  The thought of a monster of that magnitude makes everything else seem so petty.  Will Cain be our next President?  Will Justin still be a teen heart throb as a daddy?  Will anyone ever want to go to Penn State ever again?  What I think is the most noteworthy aspect of this whole situation isn't the disgraceful actions as much as that they keep happening.  This isn't the first Presidential sex scandal (Clinton), a teen star getting pregnant (Jamie Lynn Spears), or a coach molesting boys (the list is too long).  Most sadly, none of these will not be the last.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Mutemath:

1.  Chaos (Mutemath)
2.  Goodbye (Armistice)
3.  No Response (Armistice)
4.  Control (Mutemath)
5.  Break The Same (Mutemath)
6.  Stall Out (Mutemath)
7.  Burden (Armistice)
8.  You Are Mine (Mutemath)
9.  Spotlight (Armistice)
10.  Typical (Mutemath)
11.  The Nerve (Armistice)

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