Thursday, March 28, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Depeche Mode of the 00s

Recently, Christopher Clemons of the Seattle Seahawks said that any NFL player who comes out and reveals that his is gay...that would be considered a selfish act.  This reminds me of a story from my childhood...

When I was in high school, one of my classmates noticed that I was listening to Depeche Mode on my walkman and teased me for being gay because I liked Depeche Mode. Unfortunately for him, I wasn't gay. His rationale was that everyone in the group Depeche Mode was therefore if I listened to them...then I was gay by association.  He teased me while wearing a Judas Priest t-shirt.  Recently, I heard through the grapevine that he's come out of the closet.  Exactly.

The 11 Best Songs By Depeche Mode of the 00s:
  1. Precious (Playing The Angel)
  2. In Sympathy (Sounds of the Universe)
  3. Martyr (Best Of)
  4. Suffer Well (Playing The Angel)
  5. Lillian (Playing The Angel)
  6. Light (Sounds of the Universe Deluxe Edition)
  7. Fragile Tension (Sounds of the Universe)
  8. Free (Precious Single)
  9. Dream On (Exciter)
  10. John The Revelator (Playing The Angel)
  11. Perfect (Sounds of the Universe)
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