Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The 11 Best Posthumous Songs By Jimi Hendrix

There has always been a question to the legitimacy of the posthumous releases of Jimi Hendrix's unreleased material.  This is mostly due to Alan Douglas' questionable producing on 3 of the albums and a couple of the compilations.  Using studio musicians to finish Hendrix's tracks left a bad taste in fans' mouths, tainting all the of posthumous releases, including the ones he had nothing to do with.  It wasn't until 1997, when Hendrix's estate took over his recordings are we given a real peak to what was left behind.  There really is only one official album that Hendrix was aiming to complete, that being First Rays of the New Rising Sun.  After that, what we have is a treasure trove of alternate takes, demos, instrumentals, and live jams.  So what are the true Jimi Hendrix releases?  The originals from the years directly following his death?  Or, the newer versions by the family?  Either way...neither versions were released by Hendrix.  Usually when you hear the family the family is taking over...and we instantly think they would have Hendrix's best interests at heart.  That doesn't mean they're right.  I doubt any of the Jacksons could unanimously agree on how to release Michael's leftover music.  And they're all family.  So, my list will include alternate releases and really focus on the song...and not necessarily the recording.

Here are the 11 Best Posthumous Songs By Jimi Hendrix:

  1. Angel (First Rays of the New Rising Sun/The Cry of Love)
  2. Hey Baby (First Rays of the New Rising Sun/Rainbow Bridge)
  3. Ezy Rider (First Rays of the New Rising Sun/The Cry of Love)
  4. Valleys of Neptune (Valleys of Neptune)
  5. Room Full of Mirrors (First Rays of the New Rising Sun/Rainbow Bridge)
  6. Freedom (First Rays of the New Rising Sun/The Cry of Love)
  7. Message To The Universe (South Saturn Delta)
  8. Bleeding Heart (South Saturn Delta/War Heroes)
  9. Drifter's Escape (South Saturn Delta/Loose Ends)
  10. Here He Comes Lover Man (South Saturn Delta)
  11. The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice (South Saturn Delta/Loose Ends)
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