Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By The Men

I've been fighting this parking ticket for almost 9 months now.  I had parked on a street one evening.  I was not parked in the red and there were no parking signs on the street.  I was attending a party and parked with a row of twenty other cars.  We came out during the party to find that all of our cars had been ticketed.  The parking officer claimed he tried to come into the party to tell us to move our cars but was turned away at the door by the bouncer.  This was untrue because the party had no bouncer and the front door was wide open.  We argued with the officer.  He said we should pay more attention to the no parking signs.  We all said what sign?  He just shrugged and said there was one a couple blocks away.  Huh?  I argued with the guy for the next 15 minutes until he agreed to wipe out the ticket.  He gave me his number to call him that Monday and he would take care of the ticket.  I couldn't call until Tuesday, when I did talk to him, he at first acted like he didn't know me.  Then when I kept talking, he started to remember our conversation.  I asked if he would take care of the ticket, still.  He said, "yeah, yeah, yeah."  Then I asked what I had to do.  He said just wait, you'll get something in the mail.  I followed with, "that's it?"  He said "That's it."  I thanked him and hung up. A few weeks later, I got a letter stating that I was delinquent in my fine.  The only reason I was delinquent was because the officer told me not to pay!!!  I think that's called entrapment.  So now strapped with a fine, I attempted to fight the ticket.  I paid the ticket...but they continued slapping more late fees on me despite already collecting my money!!  This is outright criminal.  Below are two pics.  One of my car parking on the street...not in the red.  And one of the street in daylight...see if you can find the no parking sign.  Neither can I.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Men:
  1. Open Your Heart (Open Your Heart)
  2. Turn It Around (Open Your Heart)
  3. Bataille (If You Leave)
  4. Animal (Open Your Heart)
  5. Ex-Dreams (Open Your Heart)
  6. () (If You Leave)
  7. Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammunition (Immaculada)
  8. Candy (Open Your Heart)
  9. A Minor (Sacred Bones Presents Todo Muere 2)
  10. Think (If You Leave)
  11. Oh Yoko (Immaculada)
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