Monday, May 17, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Gang Starr

This has been a weird year for music deaths.  It seems like there's a new death every couple weeks.  And it's not minor players or older musicians.  Each of them has been a pivotal member of their musical legacy.  Alex Chilton was Big Star.  Mark Linkous was Sparklehorse.  Jay Reatard was his own sound.  Malcom Maclaren helped invent hip-hop.  Dio had a solo career and was the other face of Black Sabbath.   Add to the list Guru...without Guru, there is no Gang Starr.  A very underrated hip-hop band.  Also, his side project Jazzmatazz was one of the first to fuse hip-hop and jazz.  An innovator, a talented MC, a legend.

RIP Guru.

This list is only a sample of all the great music Guru made with Gang Starr and in no way a definitive account.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Gang Starr:

1.  Skills (The Ownerz)
2.  Code of The Streets (Hard To Earn)
3.  Work (Moment of Truth)
4.  Blowin' Up The Spot (Hard To Earn)
5.  Tonz O Gunz (Hard To Earn)
6.  Battle (8 Mile)
7.  Mass Appeal (Hard To Earn)
8.  Execution of A Chump (Step Into The Arena)
9.  In This Life... (The Ownerz)
10.  Moment of Truth (Moment of Truth)
11.  Jazz Music (No More Mr. Nice Guy)

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Unknown said...

Malcolm McLaren helped invent hip-hop? I wouldn't go that far, like!