Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Unknown: Rival Schools - Album 2

After revolutionizing metal with his band Quicksand, Walter Screifels formed the band Rival School putting all the pop punk bands out there to shame.  He followed it up with Walking Concert, showing bands like Arctic Monkeys and the Strokes what was up.  Like Quicksand, all the bands broke up.  And like Quicksand, Rivals Schools broke up leaving a complete album sitting on the shelves.  The 3rd Quicksand album is frequently traded as is the 2nd Rival Schools album.  But these aren't the only unreleased albums in Walter Schreifels arsenal.  In fact, Walter Schreifels might be the only lead singer to have more unreleased albums then released albums.  Officially, he has 2 albums with Quicksand, 1 with Rival Schools, and 1 with Walking Concert (which can only be found at the lable site).  The official releases by Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today don't count since he was not singing (at least for my argument they don't count).  So that 4 officially released albums.  As for unreleased material...there's a 3rd Quicksand album out there, a 2nd Rival Schools album, World's Fastest Car (a side-project), Walter & the Motorcycles (a solo project), a Gorilla Biscuits EP with Walter on lead vocals, Moondog's full-length.  That's 6 albums sitting on the shelves versus 4 released.  Thankfully he's released a solo album otherwise we might think he was dead.

Here is Rival Schools Unreleased Second Album:

Buy Walter Schreifels new solo album...An Open Letter To the!!

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Unknown said...

Can you repost the links to the unreleased songs? Where can a guy get a copy of these? Thanks!