Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By The New Pornographers

This morning I went for a light 5-mile jog in Los Angeles' mild 85-degree heat.  Always a good time.  During the run, I took a little break in the middle and walked a short portion.  I found myself behind three older women who were chatting it up about Facebook.  To hear their perception of Facebook was rather interesting and disturbing at the same time.

I was first quite alarmed when one woman said, "Anyone who joins Facebook is obviously a pervert."  Facebook is a lot of things...but sexual content is the least of it.

The next woman completely agreed with her adding, "I heard my grandchildren had joined and I was so appalled that I didn't talk to my daughter for a week."  This is where it starts to get a bit this really the perception of the website to people who are on the outside looking in?  And if so...where are they getting this sentiment?

The third woman added the cherry on top by saying, "I heard that the government uses it to spy on Americans.  Did you hear about those kids in Malibu who were arrested for being terrorists because of their Facebook page?"

This is getting out of hand.  There are no kids in Malibu who were ever arrested for suspected terrorism because of their Facebook page.  There were some kids in New Jersey who were arrested...but come on...that's New Jersey.  The problem is that there are too many rumors floating around by people who don't really know what they are talking about.  Ignorance may be bliss...but it's still ignorance.

There over 400 million Facebook users.  That's a lot of pervert terrorists.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By The New Pornographers:

1.  It's Only Divine Right (Electric Version)
2.  The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism (Mass Romantic)
3.  All The Things That Go To Make Heaven And Earth (Challengers)
4.  The Fake Headlines (Mass Romantic)
5.  The Electric Version (Electric Version)
6.  Broken Breads (Twin Cinema)
7.  Hey Snow White (Dark Was The Night)
8.  The New Face of Zero and One (Electric Version)
9.  The Body Says No (Mass Romantic)
10.  Fail Safe (Challengers)
11.  The End of Medicine (Electric Version)

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lainalove said...

I think "the Bleeding Heart Show" should definitely be mentioned on this list, bro. It's probably my favorite song by the New Pornographers, it definitely stood out on Twin Cinema.

Ybrik222 said...

I was thinking the same thing, lainalove. The Bleeding Heart Show is AWESOME.

Greg said...

I don't know much about this band, and I've always wanted to find out more. What is their best album, in your opinion?

Mardikes said...

Some solid ones I like:

Your Hands (Together)- Together
Falling Through Your Clothes - Twin Cinemas
The Bones of An Idol - Twin Cinema
We End Up Together - Together
Centre for Holy Wars - Mass Romantic

dermoth said...

Leaving TBHS out is just wanton anti-commercialism; I'm happy to argue that it's the best song recorded by any band this century.

Thing is, though, I can count the number of non-awesome New Pornographers songs on one hand. B7ut if you want something a little obscure, have a crack at this cover of the Donner Party's When I was a Baby -

Wonderful song, brilliantly covered, and my god, Neko knocks it out of the park on the first verse.