Thursday, March 31, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Burial

Back in the 60s, we knew nothing about the musicians except for the music that came out of speakers, the cardboard jacket of a record, or the rare picture in a magazine.  Musicians were a mystery.  Like the wizard behind the curtain.  We care more about what they created and not about who they really were.  With that mystery came obsession.  The less we knew, the bigger fans we became, all because of this musical foreplay they teased us with.  I don't want to know what my favorite lead singer is doing at a hot dog stand in Encino or seeing pictures of them out for a jog in Costa Mesa.  It humanizes them.  And that's the last thing I want from my rock n roll be human.  I want them to stay these untouchable gods.  I want to believe that an artist like Burial is actually from an alien planet who has come to Earth to re-educate us with his magical beats, have sex with all our women, then return to his planet for a few year hiatus.  I don't want to know that he's some stay-at-home dad, who likes to watch golf on the weekends while he works on his culinary skills.  We already have a doorway into the lives and personalities of our musical's their music!  When you add in all these paparazzi bullshit photos and articles, you take power away from the only that matters.

Thankfully, no one know too much about Burial.  And I hope they keep it that way.  It just makes hearing new music from him (or her) all that more exciting.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Burial:

  1. Archangel (Untrue)
  2. Raver (Untrue)
  3. Distant Lights (Burial)
  4. Unite (Box of Dub)
  5. Untrue (Untrue)
  6. Etched Headplate (Untrue)
  7. In McDonald’s (Untrue)
  8. Shell of Light (Untrue)
  9. Night Bus (Burial)
  10. Southern Comfort (Burial)
  11. Fostercare (Single)
Buy Burial's new EP now...Street HALO.


Anonymous said...

wooooo! "unite" makes me think like you. hmm, musical sex with all the women on planet earth, huh? but what if we need him to make more musical love? that's just too much. ah, this is funny! i'm down. love it. thanks for this.

Chris said...

i never knew burial was an electronic group, nor did i know he was shrouded in mystery. it's kind of like the whole richard d james thing, where he's always popin' up in strange places and you never really know whats coming next. or if there is a next.