Saturday, March 05, 2011

Free Music Friday: Gayngs Remix EP

Les Claypool once said that "weekends don't mean as much when you're unemployed except you get to hang out with your working friends."  Now, that I'm working I miss the downtimes of being unemployed.  The drawbacks of being at home with young kids doesn't seem so bad as the time you don't get to spend with them.

It was a weekly ritual with me and my kids to play new music and get their opinion on what they liked.  I was trying to educate them about the right music to like and what music to ignore.  So far no Hannah Montana has made it into our house.

Last year, the Gayngs debut album was a big hit in our house.  Anything with a piece of Bon Iver in it has found a steady rotation in our home radio. It'll be a bit of bummer that this new EP along with future releases won't receive the same attention.  I guess I'll have to start slipping them music while they sleep.

Get Gayngs new remix EP "Affiliyated" free here.

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