Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By The Strokes

I'll have to say, I was pretty excited to see Dave Grohl rip the show Glee.  I'm not a Gleek...nor do I have a real problem with the show.  But I do have a problem with the show runner going around acting like it's a big privilege to have one of your songs selected for the show.  I don't watch Glee...but I have seen the show...and I have not been impressed.  The covers of the songs are mediocre at best.  I watched the big Michael Jackson "Thriller" episode and thought after seeing it..."meh...that's it?"  The songs sound like watered down versions of the originals.  They don't re-invent the songs...they do functional versions to fit within the context of the show...sometimes.  Sometimes they just cover the songs to cover the songs.  There's nothing unique about having your song covered by Glee except that it boost your songs sales for about a day.  Why would you want your song covered by the show?  What is it that show is going to do for you that you can't already do for yourself?  Exposure?  The Foo Fighters don't need it.  Madonna doesn't need it either...but maybe she likes the show and wants to be a part of it.  That's okay, too.  At the end of it all, Ryan Murphy, Glee's show runner, needs to be careful who he pisses off.  Bands don't need Glee...Glee needs the bands.  If the musicians think you're unappreciative of their involvement...then they won't be involved anymore.  Without the songs...there's no show.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Strokes:

1.  12:51 (Room on Fire)
2.  Heart In A Cage (First Impressions of Earth)
3.  Someday (Is This It)
4.  Hard To Explain (Is This It)
5.  Reptilia (Room on Fire)
6.  Last Nite (Is This It)
7.  What Ever Happened? (Room on Fire)
8.  You Only Live Once (First Impressions of Earth)
9.  Trying Your Luck (Is This It)
10.  The End Has No End (Room on Fire)
11.  Ize of the World (First Impressions of Earth)

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