Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By William Fitzsimmons

Today, Amazon unveiled its new "cloud."  An online storage space for all its customers to store all their Amazon-purchased media files on.  This gives you the ability to access your music from any location (home, work) or on the go (via your cell phone).  What's most surprising about this announcement isn't about how far technology has come...but the fact that no one thought of this so far.  In the era of streaming, instead of trying to pre-determine the content you think the user will want...why not let them choose it (and pay for it) themselves.  I always wonder if the people who run the music industry actually listen to music themselves.

This week will be a bit of a catch-up week (not to be confused with ketchup week which is in May).  I could do lists for Unwritten Law, Sum 41, or Whitesnake.  But would you really rather see a bunch of lists for bands you don't listen to or care about anymore...or would you like me to turn you onto some new music.  Of course, that Whitesnake list is certainly tempting.  If you haven't heard William Fitzsimmons lately, he looks like he belongs in the freak folk crowd...but his sound leaves most of the freak at the door.  Good basic folk music to mellow out to.  His fourth album is out this week.  Enjoy.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By William Fitzsimmons:

1.  Please Don't Go (Goodnight)
2.  Funeral Dress (Until When We Are Ghosts)
3.  Leave By Myself (Goodnight)
4.  You Still Hurt Me (The Sparrow and the Crow)
5.  So This Is Goodbye (Derivatives)
6.  I Don't Feel It Anymore (The Sparrow and the Crow)
7.  Everything Has Changed (Goodnight)
8.  They'll Never Take The Good Years (The Sparrow and the Crow)
9.  Heartless (Heartless)
10.  Kylie (Until When We Are Ghosts)
11.  Afterall (Goodnight)

Buy William Fitzsimmons' new album, Gold in the Shadow, now!!


Chris said...

what about the new mountain goats album?

acompleteunknown said...

I might do a Mountain Goats list...never been a huge fan though.

Anonymous said...

If you would come back home & The Tide Pulls from the Moon